My YouTube Beer Drinking Playlist

Sometimes I like to do goofy video blogs about beer & just drinking adult beverages in general.

On YouTube, I compile all of these videos into a single playlist.

If you do a lot of videos that cover a single niche type subject, you should also consider grouping them into a single playlist.

I have several adult beverage related videos so I compiled a YouTube playlist.

Westin Hotel Charlotte, NC

Meeting Friends At The Westin Hotel In Charlotte

I’m a big believer in taking videos wherever the opportunity exists.

Because of this way of thinking, I’m always looking for video opportunities.

I’m trying to build my YouTube Channel with interesting and helpful videos and sometimes a touch of comedy.

I really don’t need a lot of excuses to take a new video. Such was the case this week when I had a meeting in Charlotte, NC with an old friend.

We met one evening at the Westin Hotel in Charlotte, NC. My friend has a job with a big company in the field of Social Media.

Of course a lot of what we talked about that night was social media and an emphasis on video in social media.

Since we were at the Westin Hotel in Charlotte, I checked their Facebook page just to see if they had any video content. I didn’t really find any videos on their Facebook.

I went to their Facebook page and posted my YouTube video.

westin charlotte nc

Here is a screenshot where I posted my YouTube video to the Westin Hotel Charlotte Facebook Page. This is one way to spread your videos through social media.

As it turned out, Westin Hotel Charlotte did remove the video from their Facebook page which was crazy in my opinion. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

I thought the video was good and highlighted the Westin Hotel Charlotte in a positive way.

I have posted other videos I’ve made to other FB pages and they are usually happy that I posted. You can watch the video below to see if you think they should have left the video on their page.

If you would like to watch this video directly on my YouTube page, click here, Westin Hotel Charlotte NC.

While you are there, you can check out over 300 videos on My YouTube Channel.

iMac 27 Unboxing

imac 27 unboxing

iMac 27 with Intel i7 Turbo Boost

I gave myself a present this year. I bought a new 2014 iMac 27.

This is a great machine and I was in need for speed. Especially for editing video.

My first and foremost requirement in a computer is for video editing. Everything else is secondary.

My older [...]

Crosman Optimus Air Rifle

crosman optimus air rifle

Crosman Air Rifle

Since it snowed last night the birds are going crazy in our bird feeder outside our back door.

It’s times like this when I get out my Crosman Optimus air rifle and wait for the squirrels to try and invade my bird feeders.

The Crosman Optimus is a fantastic air rifle [...]

Jackson Big Tuna Kayak In The Snow

Big Tuna Kayak

Last night’s Snow Storm Leon swept through the South-East.

We only got about 1″ of snow here at my house and I felt sorry for my Jackson Big Tuna Kayak outside on my patio.

It seems my kayak needs some serious Vitamin D and some warm ocean water splashing on it. [...]

Kayak Fishing In My New Jackson Big Tuna Kayak

jackson big tuna kayak

The 2014 Jackson Big Tuna Kayak

I’m declaring 2014 as the year of adventure.

I have recently bought a new Jackson “Big Tuna” Kayak and I have big plans this year.

My life has settled down now since being so crazy over the last few years. It’s time to search for adventure and [...]

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