Cesar Millan Dead?

A false story was sweeping the internet that the famous Dog Whisperer was dead at age 45 of a heart attack.

Folks, this is not true. A fake Spanish website posted the untrue story.

Cesar Millan is alive & well.

Watch on Youtube >>> Cesar Millan Dead Of Heart Attack?

Is Obama’s Daughter Malia Pregnant?

There was a rumor going around the internet that President Obama’s 16 year old daughter is pregnant.

If this were true it would be a serious scandal at the White House.

You just can’t believe everything on the internet.

Watch on Youtube >>> Is Obama’s Daughter Malia Pregnant?

How To Dye Your Armpit Hair

This is a new trend amongst young ladies out there in weirdo land.

I certainly hope this trend does not really catch hold in America.

There is nothing I don’t want to see more than green armpit hair on a woman.

Watch on Youtube >>> How To Dye Armpit Hair.


My Online Shopping Habits Have Changed

I find that I can’t hardly ever purchase items in a brick & mortar store anymore until I have read reviews on the product.

5 years ago I was still hesitant about ordering stuff online. A complete 180 degree turn for me.

I must read reviews now and study them to make an informed [...]

Help Law Enforcement Identify Ferguson Rioters & Looters

Help the FBI and the Ferguson Polide Department identify these criminal rioters, looters and arsonists.

If you can identify these Ferguson, MO rioters & looters, please call the FBI at 202-324-3000 or call the Ferguson Police Dept. at 314-522-3100.

Watch on Youtube >>> Help Law Enforcement Identify Ferguson Looters & Rioters.


Native Watercraft Manta Ray Kayak 12′ Sit On Top

manta ray kayak

I recently purchased a Native Watercraft Manta Ray 12′ Sit On Top Kayak.

This is a great kayak for fishing and recreation.

I made a video showing the features of the Manta Ray. The Manta Ray is one of the best selling kayaks in the Native Watercraft Line.

Watch it on Youtube [...]

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