Add An Audio Player On Your Site That Plays On Mobile Devices

I found a new WordPress plugin to play audio on my site.

The plugin is called the Compact WordPress Audio/Music Player Plugin (All Browser Compatible).

There is one main reason that I like this plugin, it will play your audio on mobile devices like the smartphone and iPad.

The process is very simple and is explained on the website, Tips & Tricks HQ.

There are a lot of WordPress audio players out there available that will play an audio file on your site but I have not found too many that were compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.

So many people these days are using their mobile devices to surf the internet and you want your content to play nicely on all of these devices.

tips & tricks wordpress audio player

Go to Tips & Tricks site and download this WordPress plugin. The instructions are on the page.

Upload and embed your audio on your site using the shortcode that you are given.

This is a good plugin if you want to play any type of audio on your site or do some podcasting.

Here is an example of the audio player.

My Audiocast, please listen:

Go ahead, pull up this blog post on your mobile phone or tablet and you should be able to listen to the audio just the same as here on my site.

Adding your own audio to your website may open up many new possibilities for content for you and your readers & listeners.

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