App Review ~ Swell News & Podcast App For iPhone

This is a great news app for your smartphone.

If you are a news junkie or listener of podcasts, I have a cool new iPhone app for you to check out.

While looking at my Google+ stream the other day I saw mention of the Swell News App for iPhone.

Once I checked into it and tried it out, I liked it so much that I decided to do a review video.

First off, the app is free and me & free always get along.

The interface is very simple and there is no registration required.

In a nutshell, you open the app, pick a category and start listening. It just doesn’t get much simpler.

The developers claim that the app has an algorithm that will learn your preferences over time and deliver more similar content to you.

The longer you listen to segments on a particular topic, the algo learns things you like the most.

To change to a new story, simply swipe the screen and a new show will begin playing.

You also have the ability to bookmark favorite episodes and listen to them later.

This type of news and podcast app will suit me well when I’m driving especially.

I prefer talk radio when I’m driving around over music.

You can watch this video from my YouTube page if you prefer and check out all of my other videos as well by clicking here, iPhone App for News and Podcasts.

Just do a search from your iPhone in the App Store for “Swell” and give it a try.

Pick a topic you are interested in and give it a whirl.

Let me know if you try it and what you think of the app.

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