How To Change The Screen Resolution On A Time Warner Digital Cable Box

You learn something new all the time. I have Time Warner Cable TV service and recently discovered I was not getting an HD signal from my digital cable box.

For Christmas, me and Wifey splurged gave ourself a new 55″ Panasonic Viera Plasma TV.

After getting it home and set up, I was dismayed to see a quite fuzzy picture and not at all like the picture I saw on the display TV at Costco. Yes, I bought this beast at one of our favorite warehouse stores.

This TV was an upgrade from a very old 32″ TV that we have been watching for years.

time warner digital cable boxIt just didn’t seem like I was getting an HD signal on my cable.

After some quick research and a visit to the Time Warner web site, I determined that I was only getting a 480 signal out of my HDMI digital cable box instead of the 1080 that I needed.

I thought a 1080 HD signal was automatic but I was wrong. You actually have to program your digital cable box and tell it what signal you desire.

Change Time Warner Cable Screen Resolution To 1080 HD

Instead of trying to explain the steps, just visit this this page for step-by-step instructions:

Time Warner Cable Screen Resolution Settings.

After changing the cable TV signal input from 480 to 1080i in just a few steps, I had a brilliant HDTV picture on my new Panasonic Viera Plasma.

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