How To Compress Online Images With A Simple Plugin

My need was to compress online images I use on this site to gain extra page load speed in the eyes of Google.

I found a simple solution and it’s free.

It is no secret that Granddaddy Google uses your site speed in consideration of your rankings.

Since I post a lot of images, I started looking at how to compress online images.

The trick is to shrink a photo and not lose the quality, especially if you have worked hard to process an image to your liking.

I’m not talking about the actual dimensions of a photo, I’m referring to the photo and all of the data under the hood.

One thing I really didn’t want to do was to spend any money and I didn’t want to upload my images online and download etc. I’m looking for simple. I’m a simple man.

All the SEO experts say that you need to look at every aspect of your website to resize images for faster loading. Ok, I’ll take their word for it.

Let them study the SEO part and offer solutions. Personally, I don’t like the aspect of SEO but it’s a necessary evil.

In my research, I found a dead simple way to compress online images that suited me and was very simple. Oh yea, it’s free.

Compress Online Images

The first image compressor I liked was a WordPress plugin called This plugin was developed by none other than Yahoo.

Simply go to your WordPress plugin dashboard and do a search for Download it and activate it.

The image compressor has a couple of simple options. You can tell it to find all your media images and do a bulk compression of all files. Or you can select each individual image and Smush them one at a time.

In your WordPress Media Library you will see the option on the right hand side.

As you can see from the screenshot below, I have some images where I have already compressed the image size and also you can see images I have not yet processed.

I like that it actually tells me the percentage of image compression it achieved.

To compress any image I want, I simply click “ now!” It only takes a few seconds to do it’s magic.

compress online image

compress image size

What I really like about this image compressor is that any time I upload an image to this blog, will automatically do the compression for me as soon as I upload.

The 2 screenshots just above were automatically compressed when I uploaded them. You can see the percentages of compression with this screenshot.

compress online images

You may have other reasons to compress online images but if you are a blogger and using WordPress, this is a super easy way to shrink photos that may result in faster page load speeds for your website.

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