How To Add A Green Screen Effect To Your Online Videos | Video Review

Would you like to add a new element of excitement and capture more viewer interest in your videos?

Try using a green screen effect in your next video. If you do, here is what you will quickly discover…it’s quite easy to add new visually captivating effects to your videos by using a green screen background.

A green screen online video is a lot of fun also.

If you are involved in web video production at all, I think your mind will be filled with new creative ideas and how you can apply this technique. Today, I want to show you how I have used the online green screen effect in the video below and give you some ideas on how to use a green screen for your own videos.

My confession is that this is the first time I have ever used green screen myself. I’m always looking for ways to improve my online video production. I’m happy to say that it was very easy and you should give it a go yourself.

Once you see what the green screen effect can have on your videos, I think you will want to give it a try. If I must say so myself, I think the video review below turned out pretty decent actually since it was my first attempt.

If I can make green screen background videos, so can you. Green screen can have so many uses in your videos. I believe that one of the main uses that I will be using green screen in the future is for product reviews. After viewing the video, what kind of ideas do you have for adding the green screen effect in your videos?

Green Screen Background

A green screen is simply a large piece of green fabric that you place in your background. That’s it, nothing special. You can use green screen fabric or you could use green screen paint. Actually, just plain green paint will do just fine. Shoot your video by standing in front of a green screen and then when editing, replace the green behind you with whatever video element that you desire. You can place videos, special effects, or still photos in the background. The removal of the green is done with your video editing software.

My First Green Screen Background Video

Green Screen Backgrounds

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Chromakey Green Screen
final cut express for green screenThis is a fancy term for removing the green in the video. Once the green is gone, all that is left is a transparent, black background, ready for you to insert what ever element you wish. Most video editing programs will have a video filter that will allow you to remove the green screen background and replace it with your own images. I use final cut express to edit my videos. In final cut express, once your video is in the time line, just drop the chromakey filter on top of your video. Use the settings to fine tune and remove the green from all around you. It’s a very simple process that is all software based. Do it once, and you will become a pro. Chances are, the video editing program you are using now already contains green screen software.

Using a green screen
In one word, simple. My setup is very simple and you will be able to see it in the video. I give you several examples where I am standing in front of the green screen fabric and I replace the green with still photos and videos.

A professional green screen background setup is surprisingly affordable. Good chroma key lighting, often referred as green screen lighting is essential. I set mine up in my office on a wall as you will see in the video.

Green Screen Software

Since I use a Mac and Final Cut to produce all of my videos, I use either Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro as my green screen video editing software.

I recommend Final Cut if you work on a Mac. Here is a Final Cut Pro X tutorial page I posted that will give you more information about this software.

Green Screen Software For Windows

If you use a Windows PC, a good program that you can use to make green screen videos would be Pinnacle Studio MovieBox. Pinnacle is good for Windows Vista, Windows XP & Windows 7. The cool thing about Pinnacle MovieBox is that the box includes green screen fabric and a set of plugins that makes it easy for you to do advanced green screen effects. Pinnacle makes it easy to make a green screen video and upload it to video sites like Youtube. Oh yes, you can make HD green screen videos with Pinnacle.

Pinnacle is the way I would go for green screen software if you use a Windows PC. It’s easy and you get professional results. I like easy.
Studio MovieBox Ultimate Collection

If you want to buy all of your green screen items as a bundle and save some money ion the process, this is a very good and inexpensive green screen setup. You can set it up once and leave it or a good advantage is the fact that it’s very lightweight and portable. Everything folds up and you can toss the entire green screen equipment into the backseat of your car if you need to shoot video at a different location.
ePhoto 10′ X 20′ Chromakey Chroma Key Green Screen Sheet Photography and Video Lighting Background Stand System and Lighting Kit Case by ePhoto INC K15_10x20Green

This featured green screen from and light kit is a perfect setup for your home or studio. It features 2 7′ light stands with umbrellas. 2 light kits are important because if you use one light in front of you and one light to the side, it will eliminate shadows on the green screen and make it much easier for you to chromakey the green out of your video.

This affordable green screen kit also includes:
* Stands Extend to 8 feet height/Opens up to 10 ft wide
* 2 x 7ft light stands/2 x 105w daylight bulb
* 2 x AC light umbrella holders/2 x 32″ white umbrellas
* 3 x sectional cross bars/2 x 8 ft supporting stands with carrying case
* FREE carrying case for the background stand/1 x 10 X 20 ft Chroma Key green Muslin Backdrop

If you have a local fabric shop, you can purchase some green fabric there and you may only need a light kit to complete your green screen setup.

Lighting is essential if you plan on making green screen videos. Lighting is also remarkably affordable. I recommend that you purchase a decent lighting kit such as this and not only will you be able to use it for green screen videos, but other videos you make. The kits fold up very small and you can toss them into your trunk. I’ve set up a kighting kit in our family room just to make better family videos. Remember, good light – good video.


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7 Responses to How To Add A Green Screen Effect To Your Online Videos | Video Review

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  2. therealjosh says:

    Looks awesome. I could see a little shadow still on some of the background vids and pictures and wonder if you should have a light just for the green screen to give a consistent background color. Thoughts? I can wait to jump in front of one and have some fun.

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks man. Being my first green screen video, I didn't have the lighting perfect. Once I began editing, I could see the shadow and I mentioned the need for 2 lights in the article. Set up your lights to remove any background shadows if possible. A light to the side would most likely remove any shadows. That's why the kits come with 2 lights, you definitely need them.

  4. stephanie says:

    Hi Steve, you have some great ideas. Do happen to know what kind of software I would need if I wanted to a special effects to movement. You know like if I was doing a “make your own video” type of thing with music and dancing.

  5. Steve says:

    Stephanie, can you be more specific as to what you want to do? The only software I use is in my video editing software. I use final cut express and final cut pro.

  6. kaiser says:

    Hello i am in the process of making some videos using the green screen but i would like to know how to make the animations for the background. i would like them to be specific to what i am discussing in the video so is there an easy way to make them or perhaps some sort of library i can use or maybe a website. Thank you in advance.

  7. kuuipo brown says:

    aloha, I thought your video was amazing so i went out and got a program called pinnacle studio 14 that came with a green screen im really enjoying all the things i can do but the only down side is that when i have a still picture and try to change the background to another still picture the green screen key and crome is not really on point do you know it is that im not doing right? please help me, the front picture looks very fussy and not clear also there still a little hint of green around the head and arms… help.. thank you so much.

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