How To Check Your Past Personal Web Searches Using Google Web History

Your Google web history may show data from years of your personal searches.

Being a curious sort, I wondered if there was a way to look back on my Google web history.

Have you ever wondered if it would be cool to look back at your personal internet web search history just to see the terms you have searched over time?

Ok, so you’ve never wondered about that. Well, I have.

There is a way to see the terms you have personally typed into Google search and all the pages you visited relating to that search.

Google Web History

Just go here to your Google Web History Page.

It will ask you to sign in.

The Google Web History page will let you review your latest search history as well as your much, much older browsing history.

When I looked at my Google web history, it let me go all the way back to January of 2006. Wow!

Apparently, on that day I was looking a lot for John Wayne images.

I remember back then I produced a video that had a lot of John Wayne photos in it.

Another amazing fact is that Google is showing that I have made 52,613 total searches.

google web history

You can also look at your video search history.

I’m not sure what I can do will all my search web history data but it’s still pretty cool looking back at some of the things I looked for.

Delete Google web history

There is also a tab where it says you can remove items from your web history.

It may not show on your page anymore but you know damn well Google is not permanently deleting anything about us.

I think we would all be fooling ourselves to think we can actually delete our Google web search history. We might not see it anymore but it’s still there.

Since the internet is just a big ‘ol online encyclopedia answering questions, I can see that a lot of my search inquiries are questions.

How to do this or how to do that? For content creators I think it’s a good clue that can help us all.

If you post content or even videos, you will probably have a certain degree of success and traffic if your content is helping to answer a question or solve a problem someone is having.

Now, go check on your own Google web history. What kind of crazy things have you been typing into the search bar?

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