How To Come Up With YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube video ideas are all around you, you just have to pay attention and recognize them when they happen.

I’m a videoblogger and I’m always thinking about new YouTube video ideas.

If you are a subscriber to my YouTube channel, you know what I mean.

Some times when I watch other videos, it sparks ideas for a YouTube video of my own. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I try to find and subscribe to new channels I find.

YouTube has become my first choice for entertainment it seems. Whenever I’m watching TV, I always seem to have my laptop and I usually multi-task and watch YouTube at the same time.

One of the YouTube channels I subscribe to is the The Media Mart which is run by a guy named Tony Martin. Tony specializes in car reviews.

He’s very entertaining and his reviews are great. I find myself watching them even though I’m not a car guy particularly and I’m not in the market.

Recently, Tony started a new series called Mad Tony. He’s video blogging about things that make him mad.

It gave me an idea to make a video response to Tony with a version of how we get mad here in the south.

YouTube video ideas

Sometimes when an idea hits you, it’s best to react right away and not think about it. I had a thought and I just grabbed by Canon 60D and walked outside and hit the record button.

Here is Tony’s video where he is mad about toll roads and this is the video I responded to.

Here is my video response to Tony. There is a surprise in the middle of my video.

If you are looking for ideas for your videos, let other people inspire you. Just like Tony inspired my video.

When that idea hits you, react immediately, don’t hesitate.

I would encourage you to find people on YouTube that you enjoy watching and subscribe to them.

Oh yea, the Craigslist tip that I share with you in the video really works and you should give it a try.

Where do you find inspiration for your own YouTube video ideas?

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