How To Create A .CSV File On A Mac

I work on a Mac and seldom have I ever had the need to create a .csv file. Actually, I don’t think I have ever had the need.

Today I actually needed to create a .csv file and I didn’t have a clue so I had to figure it out.

It’s actually simple but it does require just a few steps.

Since I was creating my own .csv file I opened up a TextEdit document first.

I was putting in some GPS coordinates so I put in a new coordinate on each line.

Here is the first thing that you must remember, when saving the document, you must save it as a “plain text file”.

Your next step is to open up your Mac program called “Numbers”. It’s Apple’s version of Excel.

You will find it in your Applications and it’s part of the iWork folder. Double-click and open up the Numbers program.

I’m still using an older 09 version. I need to update.

apple ilife numbers program

  • Once you open Numbers, go to the top and click file, new and navigate to the plain text document you just saved.
  • Open that file. Your file will open in Numbers.
  • What you want to do now is to go back to the top once again. Click file, export and select csv.

Make a .csv file on a Mac

Bam, you’re done!

It’s just that easy. I’m sure there are other ways to do the same thing, but this was a fast and easy way for me to create the .csv file that I needed.

If you open a .csv file on a Mac, you will most likely find that your Numbers program will automatically start up and open the .csv file.

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