How To Download Youtube Videos To Your iPod

How many times have you watched a youtube video and wished you could install it into your ipod?

For me, a lot of times. It’s actually quite easy to put a YouTube video into your iPod.

I’m going to give you the steps below if you are working on a Mac.

If you have a Windows PC, I’m sorry, I can’t help you.

I’m sure there is a way though.

Youtube Video Playing on iPod

I actually have QuickTime Pro installed on my MacBook. It’s a $30 program that you download directly from Apple. It allows you to edit, save and trim clips in QuickTime.

If you have a newer version of QuickTime installed on your computer, be sure to click the “Share” tab at the Quicktime Tabs and it may offer a simple iTunes one-click conversion.

As with everything techno, this is more than just one way to get a youtube video into your iPod.

How to place youtube videos in an iPod

Step 1: How to download youtube videos. Go to

Download youtube videos Mac

Download youtube videos free

Youtube to iPod

Free youtube videos for iPod

Picture 26

Picture 28

The next time you sync your iPod with iTunes, if you have movies checked, your youtube movie will download to your iPod. Best of all it’s free. The entire process as I have described it takes only a few minutes.


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