If You Like Podcasts, Check Out “The Moth”

I love a good podcast.

I’m always on the lookout for a good podcast.

I really like a good podcast when I workout especially.

I do listen to music when I workout but my first choice would be to listen to a good podcast.

For me, I get enough silly bullshit slung at me from every direction all day long to where sometimes I fell dumber at the end of the day than when my day began.

For some reason, I feel that listening to a good conversation, documentary or a story makes me feel smarter.

I load up podcasts mostly on my iPhone and my iPod Nano.

I want to let you in on a new podcast that I recently found that I’ve been enjoying very much.

It’s called “The Moth.”

The Moth consists of stories told by story tellers and they are around 15 minutes each.

All kinds of different stories told by a very diverse group of story tellers.

If you like podcasts, it deserves a listen. I’m sure they will have some stories that you will enjoy.

the moth podcast

The Moth also has a YouTube Channel.

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