How To Find The Airplay Button On iPad 2

I was looking for the “airplay” button today on my iPad 2.

I could not find it. Frustrating.

Airplay is part of your Apple operating system that helps to link up apple devices to each other.

In my case, I wanted to view what was showing on the screen of my iPad on my iMac as well.

After a little searching, I still could not find the airplay button on my iPad.

Then I realized it was in front of my nose and I just wasn’t seeing it.

For those of you searching as I did, here is how you find it.

Double-tap the iPad home button.

Swipe left to right on the screen.

You will find it on the music control screen.

Click it and then you can sync it with your other Apple product. I hope this helps.

airplay button on iPad

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