Keen Bryce WP Hiking Shoes ~ Preparing For Hiking Season

I just bought a new pair of Keen Bryce WP shoes. So far, I can say I made a great purchase.

With spring just around the corner it’s getting close to when I love to hit the trails. The mountain bike trails.

I really love one of our local mountain bike trails especially for walking & hiking. Oh yea, I mountain bike too.

Every year I usually have to buy a new pair of trail shoes that I use for light hiking and light running. Shoes do not last me very long because I’m pretty rough on them.

After seeing the shoes and liking the way they looked, I did some research on the internet and found that people had a lot of good things to say about the Keen Bryce WP trail shoes.

If you can find a mountain bike trail near where you live you have probably found an excellent place to power walk.

Mountain bike trails have a lot of elevation changes and dips and turns that it’s impossible not to get a good workout in.

These trails are murder on your shoes also. Unless you have a proper pair of shoes for this environment you are going to suffer and you will never get a 100% workout.


I’ve had a chance now to put my Keen’s to a test on the trails and now I can officially say I love these shoes.

The WP Bryce shoes are officially my favorite shoes. They were very comfortable on a 4 mile hike through mountain bike trails. I intentionally got them wet by stepping in mud puddles.

There was no wetness creeping in. There was no rubbing or blistering.

If there was anything negative, I noticed the soles may have been slightly slippery when I stepped on some wet rocks, but not much.

Check out the video below of my hike. I didn’t really talk about the shoes but you can see I was wearing them.

If you would like to watch this video from my YouTube page and check out some of my other videos, click here, Hiking Local Mountain Bike Trails.

I’ve had my eye on a pair of Keen Bryce WP Trail Shoes for a while now after I first spotted them in Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The Keen Bryce WP is a good looking trail shoe and certainly appears well made for what I need it to do.

I think they are also stylish enough to wear with a pair of shorts or blue jeans and hit the town.

This is not a full Keen Bryce WP review because I have not put these shoes to the real test yet, but I’m very hopeful. I went to my local gym and did a couple miles on the indoor track and they felt great.

After about 10 minutes I could feel the shoes start conforming to my feet and after about 20 minutes they were completely comfortable.

There is a lot of good stuff being said about these shoes and I already own a pair of Keen sandals that I like very much.

The Keen Bryce is waterproof and has a leather upper. Maybe even more important is the rubber toe guard. When you walk trails full of roots and stones, these toe guards will really help to protect your feet.

I paid $124 for these shoes so I’m very hopeful they will perform.

Keen Bryce WP

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keen bryce wp

keen bryce wp trail shoes

When I go on one of these hikes or rides, I like to use an iPhone app called Map My Ride. It gives me all the stats about my hike. Plus, it gives me a Google Earth flyover video of the trail I was on.

Here is a Google Earth flyover example below of a hike at the mountain bike park I did a couple years ago.

You can see the terrain is in the woods, so you need a tough hiking shoe that can handle the job.

I’ll do another post and review of these Keen Bryce WP shoes after I have a chance to break these in and see how they perform on the trails.

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