Photography As A Hobby & Coastal North Carolina ~ A Great Combination

The coast of NC is my favorite backdrop to practice my photography hobby.

I always love it when I can get away to my home away from home. Coastal North Carolina, the beaches and the small towns.

Specifically, the area of Southport, NC & Oak Island, NC. These are my stomping grounds.

I’ve been coming to these 2 locations for 40 years and I still haven’t seen everything and been everywhere.

When you like to take pictures and video, the coast is an exciting place to visit. It’s only about 3 hours away from us. You just know you will find some new stuff to shoot.

When I know we are heading to the coast for the weekend, as Friday nears, I get all fidgety. I start gathering all my equipment and doing inventory.

I start charging all my camera batteries. I do lot’s of goofy stuff like a kid who knows he’s going to a toy store.

I get paid every now & then to make videos for clients. Doing that does not make me excited like a road trip, no pay and just a full weekend of trying to be creative.

What about you? At this stage of your life, what gives you the excitement of a little kid?

This past weekend I took 3 cameras and 3 tripods. I had all these big plans. Guess what I used? 1 camera, Canon 60D and 1 tripod.

Best to be prepared though right?

Here is an example of our typical routine. Wifey loves to shop and I don’t.

If we are not on the beach, we go to the Southport, NC waterfront. She heads for all the quaint shops and antique stores. I strap my camera on and I just start walking and looking for something interesting to take a photo of.

Later on we usually call each other and meet at a local eatery. She tells me or shows me what she bought. I act all excited.

I show her all the photos I’ve taken on the back screen of my camera. She acts excited for me. It’s a perfect relationship.

After we eat, we usually split up again and do it all over again. It’s something that I never get tired of.

Once I get back home I end up with a lot of photos and videos and I need to figure out what I want to do with everything. That can be a challenge.

I share some of what I shoot here on this blog, some of it on social media and so much of it just sits on my hard drive waiting to be processed.

I used to fish and I owned a boat at the coast back in the day. My photography hobby is a lot less expensive than my fishing hobby was.

This past weekend, I really wanted to try and do some time-lapse video at the Southport waterfront. With time-lapse you need a lot of consistent movement.

I’m not real experienced at time-lapse videos but I want to start doing more of them. They fascinate me.

It was so cold this weekend there was no where near the number of people as usual. Saturday was a bust for creating a time-lapse video. I went back on Sunday to see if there was more activity.

Below is my Sunday afternoon time-lapse. I hope you enjoy it.

Google Maps location exactly where I filmed the Southport time-lapse:

View Larger Map

Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend.

Me & Wifey were sitting in my truck at the waterfront when this guy pulls up beside me and gets out with some bread to feed the sea gulls.

He appeared to be a Vietnam Vet from the beret he was wearing. I shot this photo while sitting in my truck. This may be my favorite photo of the weekend.

I love landscapes but I also like people in my landscapes just acting normal. This shot really captures what people love to do at the waterfront of Southport.

Click images for larger view
Feeding Sea Gulls

Wood Dock On The Ocean

Southport, NC Yacht Basin

Bird Stealing Food

Sometimes the strangest things make good photos. Just keep your eyes opened to all things around you.

This is just a cut off sea piling that has weathered.

Ocean Piling

This sunset photo was taken at the Point of Oak Island, NC. You are looking across the Lockwood Folly Inlet over to Holden Beach, NC.

The Lockwood Folly provides an inlet from the Intracoastal Waterway into the Atlantic Ocean.

Holden Beach Sunset

Technical details:

All photos including time-lapse were taken with the Canon 60D. 18-200mm kit lens. Processed in Lightroom 4 & Topaz Adjust.

Where does your photography hobby take you?

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2 Responses to Photography As A Hobby & Coastal North Carolina ~ A Great Combination

  1. Ken says:

    Hi Steve – These are gorgeous photos accompanied by a great little essay. You do good work, my friend. My sister lives in Wilmington and for years she’s been telling my wife and I that we really have to swing by Southport on the way there. I’m finally convinced.
    Take care,

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for the words Ken. As you already know, you have a standing invitation to come hang out with me and I’ll take you to these hangouts. You should come up this summer.

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