Review Of The Nrelate, Related Posts Plugin For WordPress Blogs

nrelate plugin for wordpress blogsA few weeks ago I received an email from Oliver and the guys over at Oliver asked me to try out a related post plugin that they had developed. His email to me was timely because I was looking for such a plugin. I had been using the YARPP plugin, Yet Another Related Post Plugin. I have had trouble with this plugin on some of the wordpress themes I was using. Some sort of conflict had caused me to just disable it. On the right wordpress theme, YARPP a great plugin.

I looked into the Nrelate plugin and decide to give it a try on some of my sites. What attracted me to the plugin was the fact that it displays text or visuals for your related posts. Personally, I like the visual display. If you have used a photo in the post, nrelate will usually display a thumbnail of the photo. My first thought was that it would probably keep a reader on your site longer.

If you have not placed a photo in your post, you can set the plugin to display a default photo. Nrelate gives you the option of thumbnail size also, from 100 pixels up to 150 pixels.

You can enter your own title like I did here on Bloggerlens. Mine says “Check out these awesome articles –.” You can change the text to whatever you want.

When you install the nrelate plugin initially it may take a while for the plugin to retrieve all the data from your site. Just be patient and check back in a while.

One thing I have noticed about the nrelate plugin is that it doesn’t always pull a photo from my post. At times, it uses a generic photo. The generic photos look ok, but this does not happen often.

You can also set the plugin to show related content from other sites. That’s pretty cool if you have a network and you want to keep your readers on your own sites as long as possible.

Nrelate also offers an option to join the nrelate ad network from the dashboard. You can select an option to show ads under the related posts. Honestly, I have not looked into this at all so I can’t comment on it other to say that it’s there. Maybe someone can comment who knows more about it.

I could keep telling you about the features of the nrelate plugin but let’s get to some statistics. I’ve been running the plugin on several sites for about 23 days now. I made a comparison on these 3 sites for the prior 23 days without the plugin vs. the 23 days since installing the plugin and using the photo thumbnails feature.

Adsense Doubled
My adsense revenue doubled. It’s not a lot, because these are not sites made for adsense, but I am pleased with that.

My bounce rate decreased substantially on 2 of the 3 sites. One site went from a 62% bounce rate to 52%. One site went from a 52% bounce rate to 11.4%. The 3rd site remained neutral.

I have to assume that for the long term, I will increase readers on my sites and I will make more money.

You should conduct your own tests with this plugin, you may be very pleased with the results.

If you are a little rusty on installing a plugin on a wordpress blog, it’s very simple. Watch the screencast below.

How to install the Nrelate, related content WordPress plugin.


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3 Responses to Review Of The Nrelate, Related Posts Plugin For WordPress Blogs

  1. Thanks for sharing information on nrelate plungin with us.Really nice information and i think it will be useful also.

  2. -Gie- says:

    I see your testimonial at nrelate site… so I just check in and see… and I think I will use that plugin too…

  3. Lisa Web says:

    Ooh thank you! NRelate looks like it just might be what I have been searching for. I normally also use YARPP, but it seems to create a massive database and slows the blog down.
    I also was looking for a plugin that displays images, because images always attract more attention.

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