Why I Rent A Self Storage Facility

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I use what I consider to be a great self storage facility called Morningstar Self-Storage.

I store all my extra crap there. You know, stuff I don’t need but I can’t part with so I pay a company to store my shit.

Yep, this is part of my life. Taking stuff to storage. Removing stuff from storage. Constantly shifting stuff around.

Trying desperately to get rid of stuff I no longer use. Constantly fighting with my wife who sometimes is not willing to let stuff go.

In all honesty, self storage is a lifesaver for us because we simply don’t have room at the house for all this stuff.

For 3 years, we have been downsizing and selling so much of our belongings that I can’t begin to describe how much we have sold, auctioned, given away or taken to the landfill.

It’s a long story but we inherited some properties that were filled with a lifetime of belongings and we were overwhelmed.

The local Morningstar self storage facility has been my rescuer for all my extra clutter.

I’m renting a 10′ x 15′ unit for $99 per month. The unit is inside a large temperature controlled building.

Honestly, I HATE spending $99 a month for storage. That’s damn near a tank of gas. It almost feels like I’m throwing money away. For the time being, I just have to do it.

self storage facility

It’s very important that if you have some valuable stuff to store, you need a climate controlled storage unit or your valuables can be ruined.

Temperature changes and moisture can be the worst enemy to furniture, paper goods and photos to name a few.

To me, it’s worth extra money for the climate controlled storage unit and the extra security the entire grounds give me.

I really think they offer a great convenient service for me at a reasonable price.

I have 24/7 access to the storage facility. If I go at night, the grounds are well lit.

A coded security gate for access.

Self Storage Facility

morningstar self storage

My self storage facility is always clean. They seem to take great pride in their facility and everything always works. Security gate, elevators, doors etc. The management staff is first rate and very helpful.

morningstar self storage 2

morningstar self storage 4

morningstar self storage 3

morningstar self storage 5

Morningstar provides free wheel trucks for me to load and unload all my stuff.

morningstar self storage 8

morningstar self storage 6

I am slowly going through all of our stuff hoping to reduce our need to even have to rent self storage. $99 per month is pretty cheap but I’d rather use that money on something else.

morningstar self storage 7

I totally recommend that if you must use a self storage facility, use one similar to Morningstar that has good security and climate control. Even if it costs more per month. In the long run, you will be happy with it and all your stuff will be protected.

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2 Responses to Why I Rent A Self Storage Facility

  1. Ken Haedrich says:

    Hi Steve – I hear you: it’s a bitch spending money on storage, but sometimes you just can’t help it. When we moved from Maryland to the Lowcountry, we had two units we piled crap in for months, getting ready for moving and selling our house. One of the reasons we sold our house quickly, I believe, is that it wasn’t overcrowded with STUFF. When people buy homes, they buy square footage, and you gotta show it off. Having excess in storage is a great way to achieve that. On moving day, it just so happened that there was an area wide blackout and the poor guys from the moving company had to schlep everything down the stairs because the elevator was out. Middle of the summer, too. Good post and great photos.


  2. Steve says:

    Hey old buddy. Same thing with us. When we put 2 of our houses up for sale, we cleaned them both out and put crap in storage. Makes the homes look larger. Thanks for stopping by.

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