Shooting Photos & Video In The Mountains Of North Carolina

This past weekend I had a chance to take a day trip to Chimney Rock, NC and to ride a while on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Of course I took my wife, no way she would have let me go alone :)

Here in NC, it’s fall leaf colors at their peak. The colors are beautiful.

I grabbed my Canon 60D and looked forward to getting some good shots for the day.

I took well over 1000 shots for the day but the majority of those came from a time-lapse video I’m working on.

Along our ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we came across Looking Glass Falls in Brevard, NC.

A lot of cars were stopped and the photogs were out. I grabbed my camera and tripod. The waterfall was beautiful.

The photo you see below is where I went out into the creek below the falls and set up on some rocks.

I set the shutter speed to 1/6 of a second to give the water a creamy, milky effect.

How I processed this photo.

I imported the photo into Lightroom 4. I cropped, set white balance and slightly adjusted exposure to bring out some of the blacks in the photo to make it darker.

Then I pulled the photo into Topaz Labs Adjust 5 and applied the “spicify” preset. That’s it.

Personally, I feel the photo is suitable for framing and this photo represents a great day I spent with my wife in the mountains of North Carolina.

Click image for larger size
Looking Glass Falls

Here is a short video clip of Looking Glass Falls that I shot with my Canon 60D. Check out the beautiful colors.

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