Are you trying to find the the best free eCommerce platform on which to create your online shop?

Having an eCommerce site is the first step in starting a business for high-end and small businesses. Today, choosing the best website builder for your purposes may seem difficult due to the abundance of internet options available. To demonstrate the best free Ecommerce website builders available right now, we searched the internet and used these website builders ourselves. With this carefully selected list, we have also gathered crucial information to assist you in making the best decision, including pricing, benefits and drawbacks, and which tool is appropriate for whatever task. After that, we’ll explore the seven best free ecommerce website builders available today.

Why Choose a Free Ecommerce Website Builder?

Let’s first clarify why choosing a free ecommerce website builder is a smart move before getting into the specifics:

Cost-Effective: As mentioned by the name, these builders are offered without charge, which is advantageous for startups and small businesses trying to cut down on start-up costs.

User-friendly: The majority of free e-commerce website builders are made for people who lack technical knowledge. They include drag-and-drop capability, which makes building websites simple.

Templates Abound: To give your online business a clean and appealing appearance, you will have access to a broad selection of expertly created templates.

Ecommerce Features: These builders frequently include necessary ecommerce features, such as payment processing, inventory control, and shopping carts.

Which Factors should we consider while choosing?

Ease of Use:
Usability is essential while choosing a free ecommerce website builder. For a platform that will make it simple for you to develop your website, look for one with user-friendly interfaces and drag-and-drop editors.

Design Customization:
The appearance of your website important. Make sure the website builder you choose gives a variety of customization choices so you may modify it to reflect the personality of your company.

Ecommerce Features:
Analyze the builder’s e-commerce capability. Does it support a variety of product types? Is it compatible with well-known payment gateways? Think about your particular business demands.

Mobile Responsiveness:
Your e-commerce website must appear and work properly on smartphones and tablets in today’s mobile-driven environment. Verify the responsive design alternatives the builder offers.


7 Best Free Ecommerce Website Builders

best free ecommerce website builder

Let’s explore the 7 best free ecommerce website builders available for you


One of the most well-known ecommerce platforms in the world is Shopify, which provides a free trial period for customers to check out its capabilities. The trial is a great chance to test the platform before committing, despite its limits.


WooCommerce is a wonderful option for individuals that favor using WordPress. By smoothly connecting with WordPress, this plugin turns your website into an online store that works as expected.


Wix is well-known for its drag-and-drop website builder and user-friendly interface. It provides a free plan with ecommerce features, making it a desirable choice for startups.


Another strong competitor in the e-commerce space is BigCommerce. The paid plans are feature-rich and allow scalability for expanding organizations, while there is a free trial available.

5-Square Online

Square Online has a user-friendly interface and is designed specifically for small businesses. For those who desire a smooth purchasing experience, it works nicely with Square’s payment processing.


Weebly enables people to easily create their online stores with a feature-rich free plan. It offers a simple website editor and a variety of customisable templates.


An open-source ecommerce platform is provided by Magento for companies with more complicated demands. It may require a longer learning line, but it offers many customization choices.

Getting Started with Your Chosen Website Builder

Once you’ve decided a free ecommerce website builder, develop your e-commerce website by following to their step-by-step instructions. Choosing a template, personalizing it, including products, and setting up payment options are typical steps in the procedure.

Tips for Ecommerce Success

Building your website is just the beginning. To succeed in the competitive world of ecommerce, consider these tips:

High-Quality Product Images

High-resolution images can make a significant difference in attracting and retaining customers.

Compelling Product Descriptions

Effectively describe your products’ characteristics and benefits in your product descriptions.

Secure Payment Options

Ensure your website offers secure and convenient payment methods to build trust with customers.

Effective SEO Strategies

To make your website more visible and draw in organic traffic, optimize it for search engines.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Encourage customers to leave reviews and testimonials to build credibility and trust.

best free ecommerce website builder


It need not be expensive to build an e-commerce website. The previously mentioned seven best free e-commerce website builders include a number of features to assist you in starting your online store without spending a lot of money. Regardless of your level of experience as a business owner, there is a platform out there that will work for you.

Now, take the first step toward building your online presence and start selling your products or services to a global audience with one of these free ecommerce website builders.


Yes, many website builders offer free plans with ecommerce capabilities. While they may have limitations, they are a cost-effective way to get started.

Wix and Weebly are known for their user-friendly interfaces, making them great choices for beginners.

While the initial plans may be free, some platforms may charge transaction fees or offer limited features. It’s important to thoroughly read the terms and conditions.

Yes, most free ecommerce website builders offer paid plans with more advanced features, allowing you to upgrade as your business expands.

No, the website builders mentioned in this article are designed for users without coding experience, making it easy for anyone to create an online store.

Most builders support various product types, but it’s essential to check the specific capabilities of your chosen platform.

Yes, they offer free plans, but they often have paid upgrades with additional features.

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